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Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Collaboration, sharing of ideas, a sense of togetherness, support… and fun. These are just some of the words that come to mind when we look back at the In4Hospitality events held recently.

Event room set up

Who are In4Hospitality and what do we do?

IN4Hospitality, which stands for Informal Networking for Hospitality, is a collaboration of key hotel industry suppliers working together to create a series of informative, engaging, and relaxed networking events.

Our low-key events are often a gathering of hospitality experts and workers, looking to connect and learn something new. Our panels are insightful, rich with knowledge sharing and intelligent takes on the latest insights the industry has to offer. Brought alive by our strong key team of Gold Sponsors (Net Affinity, Revinate, Octopus Revenue, Wedding Dates, Right Revenue, STR and QIA Services), together they have combined hospitality experience of 160 years. That’s almost two centuries worth of hospitality experience. Let that sink in!

Growing and learning together in the UK’s top cities

Most recently, we were in beautiful Edinburgh, in The Scotsman Hotel, where 9 of our hospitality expert panellists joined us. The event was presented by George Titlow, Sales Director at Right Revenue, who welcomed the room full of speakers and hoteliers, and set the easy tone of the morning.

Our guest speaker was Lyndsey Rafferty from the infamous EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre). Together with George, Lyndsey, the rest of the panellists and the audience, we collectively chatted and debated about the following top of mind hospitality issues:

Despite rising costs and uncertain economic outlook (the annual UK rate of inflation reached 11.1% in October 2022, a 41-year high), staffing issues still seem to be at the top hoteliers’ lists of challenges and their to-do lists for 2023

General sentiment among hoteliers is that business on the books is solid. STR data confirms that the current position is better than the same time last year (‘occupancy on the books looks healthy into the winter season, providing tourism stakeholders with evidence of a sustained recovery heading into 2023, albeit with economic headwinds’)

What else was discussed?

Later, we chatted about the fact that Scotland is currently ‘blazing a trail’ by introducing new and exciting hospitality-related initiatives like:

1. Tourism tax

This has been a hot topic in Edinburgh for many years. General sentiment at our previous events with hoteliers has not been entirely positive (although the menti vote indicates that more hoteliers like it when thinking with their ‘resident of Edinburgh’ hat on).

UK Law stipulates that this tax must be included in the price – this therefore puts Scottish hotels at a competitive disadvantage. Allowing them to separate the tax out from their room rates similar to other countries may make things easier. More to come on this so watch this space.

2. Airbnb regulation

This was a popular topic, but we have noted a lack of clarity on how it will be enforced and how much impact it will have on demand and travel behaviour.

3. Price v service

This continues to be a challenge for hotels what with rising costs and solid demand driving higher ADR at a time when many hotels are still understaffed.

As always, we can’t wait for the next round of In4Hospitality events as we continue on our journey together – striving to learn, share, and help each other to be as good as we can be.

Until next time!

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