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The hospitality industry sees a stronger desire to learn and network.


Our Gold Sponsor, Institiute of Hospitality reminds us of the benefits of networking with industry colleagues.


A noticeable trend among hospitality professionals over the past year has been the desire to learn, develop and network.

With many parts of the industry closed down, furlough offered the chance to stop and think about many things including our careers.

Never has there been the support, kindness, and sense of industry togetherness that we see today. We are more at ease with talking to strangers on LinkedIn or at online networking events. Strangers who then become valued friends. Maybe it’s the security of the digital world rather than in person, but networking seems more appealing and reachable now, and the rewards are clear.

Thinking about yourself as a brand is a useful concept. Be visible and start contributing to the conversations going on in the industry and you’ll start to become recognised.

If you haven’t already taken the time to update your CV and complete a skills check, do it now! It helps focus your efforts in the right areas, and will lead you closer towards getting that sought-after promotion or new job when the industry re-opens.

At the Institute of Hospitality, we promote professionalism through lifelong learning. In the past 12 months, we’ve seen a clear increase in demand for online learning, mentoring and networking. The resources and opportunities are there to take advantage of to get yourself prepared for the return to work and the next step in your career.

To get involved, visit our webiste or follow @IoH_Online

For careers guidance visit CareerScope, the industry hub of free careers information.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the next industry event!



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